Garlock Multi-Swell™ 3760 Gaskets

Also in Style 3760-U (NSF-61 Certified) / 3760 Nuclear 10CFR 50 Appendix B Certified

Over 70% of gasket failures are due to lack of load. MULTI-SWELL™ Style 3760 Gaskets react with water or oil to create its own load. Problems with low load applications and leakage are a thing of the past. It's the world’s only premier self-loading general service gasketing material.

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Value & Benefits of Multi-Swell™

  • Creates compressive load in light weight flanges in oil and water service — seals where standard gaskets won't
  • More universal than gaskets that swell in oil only — reduces inventory
  • Performs well in flanges that might crush an elastomer gasket, providing use in a wide array of applications
  • More compressible than standard fiber gaskets and seals with low load
  • Easy to cut and handle — extremely flexible, minimizes waste
  • Replaces vegetable fiber gaskets in many applications — won't weep, improving plant safety
  • Seals flanges in "less than perfect" conditions minimizing maintenance


Property Specs
Materials of Construction Synthetic fiber sheet with a proprietary rubber binde
Min. Temperature -100°F   -73°C
Continuous Operation Max. 400°F   205°C
Max. Pressure 500 PSI   34.5 bar
Maximum PxT 1/16 150,000 (°F x PSIG)   5,100 (°C x bar)
Maximum PxT 1/8 100,000 (°F x PSIG)   3,400 (°C x bar)

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Now available: NSF 61 Approved for potable water service (3760-U) 10CFR50 Appendix B audited for Safety Related Products

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Sutton-Clark also offers a wide range of elastomeric and metallic gaskets.

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