About Sutton Clark Gaskets, Seals and Sheets

Custom Gaskets Manufacturer Since 1960

Sutton-Clark’s corporate mission has been to be a leading material and service provider of Gaskets and Seals. Today we partner with some of the largest custom gasket material producers in the world, including Flexitallic and Garlock.

With each custom gasket order, we are truly committed to Total Customer Satisfaction. We pride ourselves on conducting every business transaction in a fair, honest, and responsible manner with the highest standards of business ethics. We welcome feedback from all directions, vendors, customers, employees and friends. If you've got any questions or comments, please EMAIL us today.

Sutton-Clark Supply, Inc. was founded in 1960 as an industrial rubber and fire equipment distributor. The original founders were Garnet W. Sutton, G. Graham Sutton, (father and son) and John G. Clark and Mary Clark (husband and wife). Among them, they had over 125 years experience in this industry. By the middle of the 1960’s, the company began manufacturing custom gaskets and selling various other sealing products. Our custom gasket manufacturing group has now grown to 40% of our annual sales. With our two facilities, Sutton-Clark is able to serve the custom gasket manufacturing needs of its customers throughout the United States. We provide high quality custom gaskets in any quantity, economically priced and on schedule.

Sutton-Clark Gaskets

We are committed to:

  • IN-HOUSE Fabrication
  • Serving the OEM and consumer markets
  • Custom Gaskets in ANY QUANTITY
  • SPECIAL MATERIALS available on request
  • ON-SCHEDULE Deliveries
  • Serving Customers for almost a Half Century
  • Over 200 Years of Custom Gasket Manufacturing EXPERIENCE

2 Facilities, ready to take care of your gasket, seal and sheet orders, shipping worldwide

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Hampton-Roads, VA
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