Flexitallic Spiral Wound & Metallic Gaskets

Sutton Clark distributes Flexitallic gaskets and high quality, high value industrial static sealing products throughout the United States.

Developer of the spiral wound gasket in 1912 in the US, Flexitallic today continues its legacy of innovation with gasket product materials like Thermiculite® and Sigma®.

Sutton-Clark, in partnership with Flexitallic’s global customer service network of owned manufacturing facilities and manufacturing licensees ensures demand is met quickly, with a combination of the highest product quality and customer service.

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About the Flexitallic Material

In 1998 Flexitallic set a new standard for sealing technology with the introduction of Thermiculite Critical Service gasket material available in tanged sheet form. Thermiculite is now available as filler material for spiral wound gaskets and as a facing on kammprofile gaskets. This material has solved numerous end user problem applications, particularly those applications with high temperature processes where traditional sealing materials failed. Thermiculite Critical Service materials are rated for temperatures up to 1600º F and have passed the API 607 fire test.

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The gaskets pictured above are a sampling from our larger inventory.

Distributor of Flexitallic Gaskets

Sutton-Clark distributes Flexitallic spiral wound gaskets, jacketed, solid metal profiles and shim gaskets in various combinations of alloys and fillers, including Thermiculite, Sigma, Semi-Metallic, Metallic, Non-Metallic and Packings.

Flexitallic Gaskets are supplied globally by The Flexitallic Group and its network of manufacturing licensees and distributors. Sutton-Clark is a valued member of that network. Click Here for the MSDS for all of the Flexitallic® Gaskets. Rubber gasket materials are best used in custom gaskets applications generally requiring greater compressibility. Some can withstand temperature extremes up to 500º F and substantial pressure ranges while having a high malleability co-efficient.

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Sutton-Clark also offers a wide range of rubber and Viton® gaskets.

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