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For more than 100 years, Garlock has stood at the forefront of fluid sealing technology. Their commitment is to deliver the most innovative sealing solutions and unparalleled service to the world’s processing industries. Sutton-Clark is a valued member of a community of over 1500 employees in 13 global operations, and a network of authorized distributors in 79 countries.

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We are committed to:

IN-HOUSE Fabrication
Serving the OEM and consumer markets
Custom Gaskets in ANY QUANTITY
SPECIAL MATERIALS available on request
ON SCHEDULE Deliveries
Serving Customers for almost a Half Century
Over 200 Years of Custom Gasket
Manufacturing EXPERIENCE

As a result of Garlock's dedication to provide comprehensive solutions to the unique and specific sealing needs of every major industry, and
Sutton-Clark's focus on serving our all of our, we have consistently been able to offer more industrial sealing solutions than any other company in the world. Our stock includes Garlock Blue-Gard, Garlock Graph-Lock, Garlock Gylon®, Garlock Leak-Gard, Garlock Multi-Swell and Garlock Stress Saver gasket materials

For more information on Garlock Gaskets, their history and products, Click here.

GYLON® Gaskets
An industry standard in aggressive chemical resistant gasket material. GYLON
® gaskets are uniquely processed from specialized materials routinely outperforming all conventional PTFE products by minimizing creep and cold flow problems.

Metal Gaskets
For the most extreme conditions of temperature, pressure and chemicals, Garlock has developed a range of rugged metallic gaskets.

Key Industries
Garlock offers fluid sealing solutions to virtually any industry you can think of: chemical processing, petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper, power generation, electronics, steel mills, food and pharmaceutical, mining and original equipment manufacturers.

The Science of Sealing™
Throughout its long history, Garlock’s name has become synonymous for innovation. Garlock has introduced many industry firsts, such as GYLON
® gaskets, BLUE-GARD® non-asbestos compressed fiber gaskets, carbon fiber compressed gaskets, CHEVRON® v-rings, rubber expansion joints, and Garlock EVSP® seal introduced as the first low emission stem seal. The formulations of the first asbestos-free gaskets and packing products in the late 1970s helped further solidify Garlock’s technological leadership in the fluid sealing industry. 

The gaskets pictured above are a sampling from our larger inventory.

Fluid Sealing Solutions
® critical service flange solutions -  For the oil and gas production, processing, gas transmission, pipeline, power generation and utility industries. Pikotek® products are approved and used by most of the world's major upstream operators, pipeline companies and engineering and construction contractors. Garlock Helicoflex® High Performance Metal Seals - Spring energized Delta Seals, C-rings and O-rings, address high temperature requirements while ensuring high vacuum or pressure integrity. Our joint development program with CEA, the French Atomic Energy Commission, supports continued innovation in the area of high performance metal seals.

Garlock Klozure® Seals
Innovative oil seal, bearing isolator and mechanical seal products used extensively in the Steel and Pulp and Paper industries.

Fiber Gasketing for Steam Applications
To meet the demand for a fiber gasket material to meet the requirements of steam applications, Garlock developed Style ST 706. The inorganic fibers offer oxidization resistance which provides greater thermal stability and a longer gasket service life.

Valve packing solutions
Garlock’s 9000 EVSP (Expandable Valve Stem Packing) uses a unique patented cup and cone configuration of adapter and sealing rings which provides reduced valve stem friction, reduced valve actuator force and enhanced emission control.

Pump Packing Solutions
DSA (Dry Running Self Adjusting) is Garlock’s leading edge technology solution for pump packing sets.

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