Gylon® Gasket Material by Garlock

GYLON®, introduced by Garlock in 1967, eliminated complaints about skive marks making initial sealing difficult, cold flow causing leakage and premature failure, and temperature/pressure cycling problems common in PFTE before that time.

Resistance to Cold Flow (Creep)

The GYLON® process minimizes creep and cold flow normally associated with PTFE products, while retaining other positive characteristics of PTFE. Fawn GYLON® was so innovative that it received Chemical Processing magazine's Vaaler Award in 1968. As the variety and quantity of industrial chemicals increased, Garlock realized that new products would be required to serve the growing market. Two additional GYLON® styles were introduced to meet those demands: Blue GYLON®, Style 3504, and Off-White GYLON®, Style 3510.

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As the diversity of applications grew, so did the types of piping systems. A large number of exotic piping systems was required to handle the many hazardous and corrosive chemicals on the market. A common drawback of these types of piping materials is the small amount of gasket load available before the flange is distorted or cracked. In 1989, Garlock responded to this problem by introducing ENVELON ®, another member of the GYLON® family. ENVELON® has a soft material on the gasket / flange interface where compressibility is important, but has a harder core in the middle to prevent media permeation and blowout.

High Pressure Service, Chemical Compatibility

As production demands increased, pipe hammering and/or pressure spikes became more common. GYLON® Series HP 3560 and HP 3561 were designed to meet those extreme conditions. These perforated stainless steel-inserted GYLON® gasket materials outperform any other gasketing available for high pressure service where chemical compatibility is a concern.

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Sample Gylon Gasket

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# Specifications
Gylon® 3500 Strong acids (except hydroflouric), solvents, hydrocarbons, water, steam, chlorine, and cryogenics. Confirms to FDA regulations. (For oxygen service, specify "Style 3502 for oxygen service.")
Gylon® 3504 Moderate concentrations of acids and some caustics, hydrocarbons, solvents, water refrigerants, and crogenics. Conforms to FDA regulations. (for oxygen service, specify "Style 3505 for oxygen service.")
Gylon® 3510 Strong caustics, moderate acids, cholrine, gases, water, steam, hydrocarbons, and cryogenics. Conforms to FDA regulations. (for oxygen service, specify "Style 3503 for oxygen service.")

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